Victoria Walker is a short story writer who lives in the Inland Empire. (Which is just a very fancy way of saying “the desert.”) She has a degree in legal assisting and is working towards her English degree. When she is not creating characters or rewriting sentences, she enjoys painting African art, walking around in the dry California air or playing with her fat dog Max.

Ok so I thought i’d try to write my bio like authors do. It made me feel fancy…but now here’s my other bio…the one where i’m just…me 🙂

My name is Victoria and i’m 23 (almost 24) years old. I live in California and enjoy writing short stories, novels and sometimes scripts if i’m in the mood.

I am a Christian and I love Jesus.

I enjoy drawing and really anything that’s creative. I would love to learn how to draw people better because currently, the people I draw look like they had too many plastic surgeries in the face area.

I am working on both my paralegal and writing career. It is fun to work on both because they mean so much to me in different ways.

I enjoy writing literary, mysteries and inspirational fiction.

I hope I haven’t bored you and I’m sorry if I did!

***Just so everyone knows, the info I share about websites, and books are my personal opinions and experiences. And if I haven’t looked into it, I won’t share it. I only want to present the very best!
And nope, i’m not getting paid to share products. I just love sharing the things I come across, to help others and hope I can help someone on their writing journey!

Thanks for stopping by!


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