Today wasn’t a good day

Today wasnt a good day for me. It was a day that was filled with mixed emotions, mostly sadness and frustration. These feelings had nothing to do with writing but with life. And the emotions I felt, sucked all of the creative energy right out of me.


I planned to write a story today and was looking forward to it. But once the energy got left, all I could do was sit in front of the tv and watch movie after movie.

Then a thought came to me. Some writers write during all seasons of their lives. They write when they are sad, when things aren’t going right, if they feel depressed, stressed…Of course writers write when they are happy. Thats easy. But for me, I’ve never really been the type of writer who wrote during all seasons of life. If I feel any emotion but happiness, you wont find me writing.  Writing is the last thing that I want to do when I’m feeling down.

But today I challenged myself and wrote anyway, even though I wasnt feeling my best or the happiest. I stopped focusing on my emotions and sat myself in front of the computer and typed away. When I
did that, what sucked away my energy earlier faded and it was just me and my writing. I typed away, not letting my emotions win and it felt great!

I know that I NEED to write. I need to write even when I dont feel like it or if I’m feeling broken inside. And I think that during those times, some of the most powerful pieces can be written.
– Toria 🙂


Rejection. Are you ready for it?

Five. That number might not mean anything to you, but to me it represents so much. What exactly it represents has changed for me many times. First that number represents the number of times that my work has been rejected. Which means, it is the number of times I failed. The stories I worked so hard on and spent so much time crafting and laboring over… I did all of that just to receive emails that looked like this:

“Thank you for sending your story “Enter Title Here” and we thank you for your interest in our literary magazine… Due to the large number of submissions… we read through many and we are sorry to say that we are not able to use yours at this time….We wish you luck in all your writing projects.”
Of course they are much more professional than that. That was just off the top of my head!

Recently, I sent a manuscript to a litmag I really like and when I got my rejection email….that’s right, you guessed it. I cried. Who cares if i’m an adult…it really hurt me! I knew before I sent my work out that I was going to get rejected many, MANY times. But I didn’t realize it would feel so crappy. I thought I knew what I was signing up for when I decided I wanted to become a writer, but until it actually happens, you can never really be prepared for the sting that comes with getting your work rejected. Rejection. The word looks ugly and it tastes bitter. But its something all of us writers and artists will have to learn to deal with at some point.

I stopped sending my work out to litmags. Its only temporary until I can freshen up my work and let my wounds heal. Part of that healing process is not being hard on myself. From now on, every time my work gets rejected, I write the number down where I can see it.


Five isn’t the number of times I failed. It is simply the number of times that I tried. I wanted something and I went for it! It also represents the number of times I allowed myself to share my work with someone else. Which is something that is hard because my writing is very personal to me. And even though an editor hasn’t published my work yet, that doesn’t mean that my work sucks or that my ideas are bad. (Well, maybe that’s what it means 😉 It also means I have another chance to try again. And I will continue to try until I get to where I want to be. Getting published is something that I really desire, so my only option is to continue doing what I love.

I recently read something about getting rejected. When it happens, immediately send that manuscript to another magazine. I thought that was so great and empowering! What a way to take control of your writing career! Just because a few say “no”, doesn’t mean that’s the end. There are plenty of other publishers out there and you just have to find the right one for your story. That’s what I’m telling myself anyway!

For those of you who have not submitted your writing yet, what’s stopping you? When do you think you’ll be ready to take that step?