Today wasn’t a good day

Today wasnt a good day for me. It was a day that was filled with mixed emotions, mostly sadness and frustration. These feelings had nothing to do with writing but with life. And the emotions I felt, sucked all of the creative energy right out of me.


I planned to write a story today and was looking forward to it. But once the energy got left, all I could do was sit in front of the tv and watch movie after movie.

Then a thought came to me. Some writers write during all seasons of their lives. They write when they are sad, when things aren’t going right, if they feel depressed, stressed…Of course writers write when they are happy. Thats easy. But for me, I’ve never really been the type of writer who wrote during all seasons of life. If I feel any emotion but happiness, you wont find me writing.  Writing is the last thing that I want to do when I’m feeling down.

But today I challenged myself and wrote anyway, even though I wasnt feeling my best or the happiest. I stopped focusing on my emotions and sat myself in front of the computer and typed away. When I
did that, what sucked away my energy earlier faded and it was just me and my writing. I typed away, not letting my emotions win and it felt great!

I know that I NEED to write. I need to write even when I dont feel like it or if I’m feeling broken inside. And I think that during those times, some of the most powerful pieces can be written.
– Toria 🙂